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Carstom Installation
split to 2.

  • Our full fletch products and brands with our carstomized
  • You bring in your products, we install for you. (accessories and carstomization parts separately sold)
Step 1

Customer drives car in.

Step 2

Installer does a detailed check on his car before carstomization.

Step 3

Sales advisor advises its variety of products for his vehicle. (Option A)

Step 4

If customer brings his own product, then an Option B

Step 5

Customer been advised waiting time, cost and additional related carstomization related accessories.

Step 6

Car been installed.

Step 7

Handover of vehicle by sales advisor.

Step 8

Customer signs on handing over form.

Step 9

Sales Advisor passes a letter/sticker/card that says “Carstom by {Name of Customer}” after installation.

Step 10

Customer happily drives off.

Carstom Installation Guarantee.

  • Accidental damage insurance – in event car damage can claim up to $3000 (free checking)
  • Warranty (installation warranty 1 year) Warranty includes only off installation related issues. Separate from products warranty.
  • Experienced installers for more than 20 years(head chief) – argubly the only few that knows how to dismantle and install a complete car wiring setup. Experienced with comprehensive full featured car alarm setup
  • Carstom been installing since 2007 with good technical knowledge
  • Professionally trained. Quarterly training upkeep done by foreign manufacturers as well as our local experienced head chief.
  • Only quality parts(those installhub fuses and brackets) will be used. If customer buys online or when we install our products.
  • New car model technical experience. First hand study on new cars from authorized car dealers
  • Carstomized letter/sticker/card that says “Carstom by {Name of Customer} ” after installation.

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