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About Carstom

An integrated platform for all things cars

Carstom started as a group of car enthusiasts who bonded over their shared love of all things vehicular. They often lamented that there was a lack of custom car services in Singapore and a lack of support for the community here that loved their cars and wanted to take care of them in the best way possible. It was there that the idea of Carstom was dreamt up — an integrated platform for all things cars.

13 years later, Carstom is still pioneering the way for the automotive industry, offering a wide assortment of car parts and peripherals, on top of a bespoke “carstom” installation service package rolled into one. As a market leader in industry, we strive to continue providing the premium carstomized experience that they’ve come to expect of us.


As Carstom has grown, we have gradually amassed a strong following and expanded out presence in various roadshows since 2010. These include: The Cars At Expo, International Motor Show, IT Show, PC Show, SITEX and COMEX amongst other autoculture events.

At the same time, as recognition for our contribution to the automotive community, we’ve also garnered awards for:

and Car Mat

1st Runner Up
in Best Booth Design Award (Accessories)

2nd Runner Up
in Audio

Why Carstom

A One-stop Automotive Carstomization

We understand that your car is more than a transport vessel. For us, a car is an extension of our personality and we recognise that getting standard parts and accessories just doesn’t cut it. To really express yourself, your car needs to be carstomized exactly the way you like it.

Here at Carstom, we strive to provide completely personalised carstomisation to meet your every desire. From your first enquiry to the final installation, you get tons of options every step of the way, giving you the feeling of pure ownership over your car. You want it? We can carstomize it for you. 

Anything can be carstomized
if it’s the right hands.

Our experienced Carstom Upgraders have 13 years of technical knowledge at their fingertips: we understand the minute details of installation for your specific vehicle and we’re ready to be of service. This dedicated team will guide you through every step of our process:

Step 1

Bring your car to our Carstom Garage and let our expert Carstomizers evaluate your needs. Tell us what you envision your car to be like, we’ll take it from there.

Step 4

Pick the details of your vehicle that you want carstomized. Anything you want changed, we can make it happen.

Step 3

Let our team tailor their recommendations to improve performance, upgrade visual aesthetics and enhance safety. Every tweak carstomized specifically for you and you only.

Step 4

Savour the experience of a personalised, one of a kind car that’s made just for you.

At the same time, your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. At every step of the carstomization, we have extensive procedures to make sure that your car is well cared for, such as using protective seat covers and gloves at all times when handling your ride.

After all of that, you’ll even get an engraved card personalised with your initials — after all, you deserve the best.

Everything You Need,
In One Place

With our large range of products, you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs. From dash cams to window films, we’ve got it all. With our current roster of 10 brands and many more in the pipeline, we’re committed to offering the largest range of car products and accessories for the discerning car enthusiasts here in Singapore. As we continue to stay at the forefront of car technology, expect our product diversity to expand even further.

At the same time, we refuse to compromise on quality. All products in Carstom have been sourced from leading brands all across the world and carefully vetted by Carstom Upgraders to meet our strict standards, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying the best. The bottom line is, if it’s not good enough for our own cars — we won’t put it in yours. 

Service Guarantee

We’re confident in our products and services and we’re happy to stand by them. All Carstom products and installations come with a minimum of 1 year of warranty and we even have accidental damage insurance of up to $3000. Rest easy knowing that your car is well insured when it's in the good hands of our experienced Carstomizers.

We’re Enthusiasts too!

At the end of the day, we know how important your car is to you. Every new accessory you add and every new protective coating you add is another upgrade to our most prized possession. We get it, because we started out just like you.

That’s why at Carstom, you can expect nothing but the top-of-the-line expertise and care when it comes to your car. Whether you’re buying a new dashcam or looking to transform your car with a bespoke custom installation, you can be assured that you’re getting uncompromising quality.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve built up an experienced team that strives to help you bring your dream car to life — and be just as excited as you are while we’re doing it.