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I understand that payment by credit card is subject to the bank’s approval on a per transaction basis. Should payment not be successfully effected pursuant to this authorisation for any reason, I agree to make payment by other means, and ZMC Automotive Pte Ltd (“ZMC”) shall under no circumstances be held responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for the suspension of products/services as a result of the lack of payment. By submitting this form, I consent to and hereby authorise ZMC to store my credit card details and charge my credit card account mentioned above with any amounts due from and owing in respect of products/services relating to Thinkware connected series CAT M1/ LTE series provided by ZMC from time to time, including ZMC’s disclosure of my personal data to relevant banks and other financial intermediaries (including Paypal), all collection, use and disclosure of such personal data by financial intermediaries as described in their terms and conditions and personal data policies, and collection, use and disclosure of such personal data to process any charges by ZMC.