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Company Information
Welcome to ZMC. Moving towards utopia and out challenging vast technological changes, ZMC, home grown Singapore's full-fletched automotive company, aims to offer an extensive range of security accessories to entertainment garnishing for both consumer and corporate markets.
ZMC lives to value-add as our slogan speaks for itself, "We got you covered!"/ "We" simply illustrates our genuine sincerity to always offer value added customer service orientation. "You" signifies the utmost importance we regard in each individual, caring for your needs anywhere, anytime. Most evidentially, "Covered" represents the desired gift to our consumers, which we will deliver.
ZMC Logo
The ZMC identity is an expression of our intention to be a proactively innovative company. In ZMC, we manage and execute things differently to enhance customer's automobile and thereafter, their quality of life.
We recognize that the world we live in is diversifying rapidly before realizing and sequentially, to ensure that our customers get the best. ZMC will continuously, deliver into new horizons. The red horizon of the logo clearly demonstrates our perspective.
ZMC corporate logo embodies the essence of the white, black and red insignias, which create a uniform sophistication and a touch of exquisite perfection. In short, our dynamic and forward-looking attitude presents ZMC poised pursue to revolutionize the automotive landscape into a brand new epoch.