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Carstom Detailing - Luck Package
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Carstom Detailing - Luck Package

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Services included in the Luck Package

Downtime 5-7 hours

Rim Cleaning YES
Rim Arc Scrubbing YES
Rim Brake Caliper Cleaning YES
Rim Hole Nuts Cleaning YES
Disc Brake Plate Cleaning YES
Brake Pad Cleaning YES
Exterior Rim Coating N/A
Tyre Dressing YES
Body Cleaning YES
Body Shampoo (PH Neutral) using 2 Bucket method YES
Body wipe YES
Body Drying YES
Body Claying YES
High Gloss Detailer /Spray Shine/Rapid Wax N/A
Interior Cleaning YES
Interior Steaming YES
Car Mat Steaming N/A
Door Steaming YES
Center Console Steaming YES
Steering Wheel Steaming YES
Trunk Steaming YES
Dashboard Wipe & Steam YES
Glass Wiping YES
Collar Wiping YES
Vacuuming Car Mat YES
Vacuuming Floor Pan YES
Vacuuming Seats YES
Vacuuming Trunk YES
Window Cleaning YES
Window Drying YES
Window Glass Polish N/A
Window Glass Coat N/A
Engine Bay Detailing YES
Engine Dressing YES
Engine Bay Cleaning YES
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning YES
Interior Panel Polishing YES
Premium Mid-Cut Polish N/A
Premium Heavy-Cut Polish YES
Luxury Polish N/A
Premium Nano Ceramic Coating/ Carnuaba Wax 2 Layer