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Philips Headlamp H1 12258XV Xtreme Vision Plus 12V 55W
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Philips Headlamp H1 12258XV Xtreme Vision Plus 12V 55W

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Why buy me?

Choose Philips X-treme Vision +130 if you're looking for the best maximum performance headlight bulb on the market. The latest generation of the popular Philips X-treme Vision range offers up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard bulb so you'll be able to see much more of the road ahead.

If you decide to upgrade your headlight bulbs to Philips X-treme Vision +130 you will also benefit from a longer light beam. This in turn increases your reaction time for a safer and much more comfortable driving experience at night.

Features and benefits:

  • Up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard headlight bulb
  • A superior light beam of up to 130 metres allows you to see much more of the road ahead
  • A colour temperature of 3400K helps your eyes focus better for a more comfortable driving experience at night
  • The Philips patented gradient coating technology produces a more powerful light
  • X-treme Vision +130 delivers more light without compromising on lifetime
  • Philips X-treme Vision bulbs offer up to 400 to 450 hours lifetime
  • Increased safety – see potential hazards sooner
  • Fully road legal -  ECE certified
  • Optimized high-precision fillament geometry
  • Up to 13 bar high pressure gas filling
  • High precision coating and high quality UV-Quartz glass

X-treme brightness

The Philips X-treme Vision range is now brighter than ever before. The bulbs outshine the competition with up to 130% more brightness and a beam length of up to 130 metres.

Perfect illumination

The most important part of the road whilst driving is 75-100 metres directly in front of your vehicle. With a beam length of 130 metres, you'll be able to spot obstacles or hazards quicker. 

An increased colour temperature helps your eyes to focus on the road ahead with greater clarity, allowing you to perceive contrasts in the far distance. Because of this, your night time driving will be far more comfortable and a lot safer.


UV-Quartz glass is used to manufacture the X-treme Vision bulb, as it is stronger than hard glass and is highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, meaning that the bulb is a lot less likely to fail early. Due to the pressure inside the bulb, the light produced is more powerful and has an extended lifetime in comparison to a standard halogen lamp.

All Philips X-treme Vision +130 bulbs are fully road legal and are built to the highest ECE certified standards.