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Valenti LED Chrome Bulb T10 Blue
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Valenti LED Chrome Bulb T10 Blue

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Valenti LED Chrome Bulb T10 Blue

For use on Position lamp/ Winker Lamp/ Brake Lamp/ Back Lamp/ Licence Lamp/ Room Lamp 


  • Register Free (resistance less)! 

LED chrome valve series has resistance function. Eliminate the high flash phenomenon caused by turning the blinker into an LED. 

  • Up to 300% Brighter compared to conventional normal genuine bulbs
  • Perfect chrome coating cover made desorption possible! 
  • The conventional white LED bulb reflects in the reflector when the yellow chip was not lit. 
  • However, chrome-coated cover was attached to the LED chrome valve series, eliminating the problem of reflection. 
  • The attachment and detachment of the cover was made selectable.