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Valenti Tail Lamp (Revo) Half Red Lens / Chrome Inner Housing
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Valenti Tail Lamp (Revo) Half Red Lens / Chrome Inner Housing

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For Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ


  • Applicable model

・Toyota 86 ZN6 2012.04 all grade

・Subaru BRZ ZC6 2012.03 all grade

※Available for USA model but need to repin the socket of tail lamp (brake/indicator wires switch position) .

  • on/off sequential flow type winker lamp

・Easily switch between the normal flash type winker and sequential flow type winker.

  • European styled side maker lamp

・on/off side maker lamp depending on the wiring connection method of tail lamp. (enabled by interlocking with small lamp)

  • Includes 110 LED & 2 LED light bar on both sides

・Full high power LED for Brake Lamp, Side Maker Lamp and Winker Lamp.
・Brake Lamp:36 LED for one side.
・Side Maker Lamp:3 LED for one side.
・Winker Lamp:16 LED for one side.
・2 LED light bar of Small Lamp to give more fantastic look and satisfying all the needs of the owner.

・Reflective-type brake lamp to give stylish impression even in turned off state.

  • 3 color options to choose 
    1. Clear Lens / Red Chrome Inner Housing
    2. Half Red Lens / Chrome Inner Housing
    3. Light Smoke Lens / Black Chrome Inner Housing
  • Completely plug-n-play

Easily install with built in resister for winker to avoid the hyper flash issue. (Please refer to the enclosed instruction manual for this tail lamp.)

  • E-MARK certificate & 1 year guarantee